Thursday, October 06, 2005

PAS/CAL Blogging From the Studio

As I've posted about before, PAS/CAL, the chamber pop band from Detroit, is working on their debut full-length album. Based upon their two released EPs, there is a fair amount of anticipation for this album.

Well, the gang from Detroit is now blogging about their recording experience as they move through the process. So far, the blog has yielded more photos than interesting tidbits. However, there was this one interesting factoid that will start a small blog-scramble.

Things are just getting a little weirder as I was informed (thanks Missy) this morning that someone from our ranks has apparently leaked one of these songs to a friend who then put it on her podcast.

My initial search of The Hype Machine hasn't yielded any results yet; just some posts from a few months ago. However, PAS/CAL had only posted that teaser on Monday so it may take a few days before it pops up somewhere.

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