Sunday, October 23, 2005

First Snow

The forecast for last night was for just rain. However, as we came downstairs this morning, we found our first blanket of snow of the season. It was only a thin covering of snow but still enough to generate some excitement. The irony is that if I'll probably see a similar coating next April and be posting about how friggin' tired I am of winter. But for right now, it's fun to see it on our yard.

Yesterday, I had spent the morning at the Montpelier Ski & Skate Swap getting ski equipment for my son. The swap is a great place for good deals on equipment. I got skis, bindings, poles, boots, helmet and goggles for my son for $87. It's all used equipment but he doesn't care. It's new to him. However, the combination of getting the equipment yesterday and seeing the snow this morning prompted him to prematurely ask to go skiing today. It's tough to explain to a 3-year-old why this isn't enough snow to ski but he finally capitulated.

Instead, we headed outside for some snowball baseball and sledding before it all melted around noon. It was a lot of fun to clown around in the snow and a good reminder of the upside of winter. However, I kept thinking that this is just the first of seven straight months of seeing snow. It'll get old in the dark days of February but for right now, it's a good diversion.


Nico said...

...and here it is at 1:12 AM and it's 74 degrees in Central Florida.

I miss seasons.

jds said...

Sure glad I'm not in Florida right about now. Big rains, winds, and people running around like ants.

We had a healthy two inches at our house. Was great to go sledding, but in October!

When did you take those pictures? Early in the morning?

Flatlander said...

I snapped the photos around 7am just as dawn was breaking. It was brighter outside than it appears in the photos.

The forecast for tomorrow night is for another six inches. I can't believe my snow plowing contract is kicking in in October.

Presence said...

beautiful photo. Pumpkins don't look the same in florida. The hurricane was awesome in central florida. It was like a windy New england day. The winds made the limbs and leaves (we still have them)dance like crazy. Snow would be a treat.