Monday, October 24, 2005

New Owners for Riverwalk Records?

Back in July, I posted about Riverwalk Records, Montpeliers vinyl record store being up for sale. The owner, Patrick Mullikin, was asking $39,999 for the record store and the Howard Bean Cafe in the back of the store. I hadn't heard anything about a sale but, based upon the sign in the window, it looks like it's been sold.

The store is currently closed and a lot of the promo posters have been removed from the windows. However, there is a sign in the window that says it will be re-opening soon and that they are interested in buying records, turntables and other merchandise. Plus, you can still see all of the racks of records in the store. They are just covered in plastic and pulled away from the walls. It looks like they are getting ready to paint. Those few things gave me the impression that the place had been sold.

The store's website is down so I then tried to pull up the old sale listing Patrick had placed on BizBuySell. However, I got a notice saying that the ad was no longer available but if you Google "Riverwalk Records" and chose the cached site for BizBuySell, you get this page. It appears that the ad had been updated with a lower price ($24,999) and a headline saying "Currently under deposit! Act quickly if you are interested." So, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to guess that he dropped his price $15K and found himself a buyer.

I'm glad to see the store is still in business despite the fact I don't listen to vinyl. It's always been a good store to hang in and go through the racks. Hopefully, it'll be successful for the new owners. My only question is whether the new owners will continue the Green Mountain "Bob Dylan Wanna-Be" Contest.


scully said...

Not sure what the rent is there, but that's not a bad price. Almost wish I had investigated it more myself.

Now I need to keep myself from going over and buying lots of vinyl since the turntable is in storage. I bought the turntable last year after stumbling upon my old LPs when my dad passed away. I love the sound of vinyl... I just hate having to flip a record :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure the new owner is going to be as witty as the past one. Most of the draw in my eyes of the store was the discussion and witty dialogue that went along with the records on the wall.

Anyways the "Pave Saban's Pasture" sticker was priceless. Smart ass humor is so great.

Anonymous said...

There are big changes coming apparently. The record store is going to be a secondary part of the business. From what I learned the cafe will probably be dropped completely.

(I spoke with the new owner on the phone today)

Bill said...

Nice beans.

Michael K. said...

"It's always been a good store to hang in and go through the racks. "