Thursday, October 06, 2005

iPod Mania

I love my iPod but this is getting kind of crazy. People are going a bit overboard in their love for the gizmo and it's look. Check out these two examples of people going beyond a healthy admiration:

iPod My Photo

For $20 you can turn any of your photos into one of those solid color iPod ads. You can even choose a nifty phrase to put on the ad (such as "I'm a friggin' dork").

iPod My Baby

Just in case your neighbors don't know how much of a schmo you are, you can take your baby to the park sporting one of these fashion misfits.


dork chad said...

ipod my photo is funny.

Flatlander said...

If it was some free site, it might be amusing to play around with. However, they are asking people to cough up $20 (aka 2 albums on iTunes) for the pleasure of turing your personal photos into an ad for an iPod.

Somewhere in Canada, Naomi Klein is dry heaving over such an idea.

chad said...

Ahhhh, I assumed it was a clever little free deal.

You are right. It is absurd.

I picked up Bishop Allen, btw. It is really fun.

jds said...

Slate has a great article about ipod mania.