Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More Upcoming Shows at Bennington College

After sending me the info on the Jens Lekman show, the show's promoter also sent me a list of other upcoming shows at Downcaf at Bennington College. All of the shows are open to non-students like the Jens Lekman show.

Here is the show list:

9 Sun - Mt. Eerie (ex-Microphones) w. Thanksgiving - $6
13 Thu - Jens Lekman w. Nedelle - $5
15 Sat - Devon (at our annual Pigstock concert event! More details soon...)
28 Fri - Jim Yoshii Pile Up w. Thee More Shallows and The Sixfifteens - $5

4 Fri - The Constantines w. Truman Sparks and The Nice Jenkins - $10

2 Fri - Wolf Eyes w/ guests TBA
3 Sat - The Spinto Band w. National Eye - $3

Shows start at 10pm unless there are three bands when the shows will start at 9pm.

He also said that two of the members of The Spinto Band go to Bennington College. For some resaon, I thought they were from Indianapolis but I guess those two facts aren't mutually exclusive. Regardless, it's a nice list of shows.


Bob F. said...

Go see the Spintos. I'll send you the $3 back by mail if you don't totally enjoy them.

Flatlander said...

I was actually thinking of going to that show (even before you threw down the $3 challenge). The fact that it is a Satuday night helps.

The two tracks JD sent out are pretty good.

Anonymous said...

do you know, by chance, if there´s some kind of website where you can buy the tickets?

thanks in advantage..

Jacob Wolf said...

Hey there,

Unfortunately, no, there isn't a website where you can purchase tickets. They're only available at the door. Don't worry, though, shows here don't sell out.

One more note on upcoming shows: With the exception of Phil Elverum, this Sunday, shows are limited to those 18 and up. And, except for that show as well, you should get a visitor's pass at the security booth at the main entrance to the school. Just make sure they photocopy your ID instead of holding onto it so that you can drink at the bar.

Alright, that's it. Hope to see lots of you there! And thanks for the plug Brian!

Jacob Wolf @ Bennington College

Questions? Email me at: diggsb(at)gmail(dot)com

jds said...

The Jim Yoshii Pile Up w. Thee More Shallows and The Sixfifteens should be pretty sweet. The Sixfifteens just came back from a string of West Coast dates are the best outfit to come out of Saratoga, NY since The Figgs (that may not mean much to some, but check out their website, they rock).

Flatlander said...

jds, you driving?

jds said...

Once again concert conjestion. That 615/jypu show is the same night as that still unconfirmed Mountain Goats show at Dartmouth. I'm doubtful to go all the way down to Bennington anyhow, as that part of the state is pretty dang difficult to get to (I'm guessing 2.5 hrs?) vs Hanover (1 hr). The 615s have had two unsuccessful gigs in the northern part of the state, but I'll waite, cause they will make it here eventually.