Saturday, October 01, 2005

Big Heavy World

I’m slowly getting caught up on the VT music scene. It’s been five years but I’m a slow learner. My most recent discovery has been Big Heavy World which is a nifty website promoting VT bands and clubs.

The look of the site is annoying as hell with its tiny white font on a black background but it seems to be a fairly comprehensive site for VT music. Damn, they even have mp3 files for the guy, Michael Murdock, who we hired to move our stuff from NJ to VT. I wish the mp3 page was organized a little better than just by alphabetical order. It would be nice if it went by genre instead.

The site also has a bulletin board for discussion of the local scene and, based upon a quick look at the dates of the most recent posts, the boards get a good deal of traffic. Overall, it looks like a good place to further my education of the local scene.


scully said...

I haven't heard any music by Big Heavy World (yet), but I found out about them in an odd way (for me at least)... Under a Magic Hat bottlecap. All it read was:

I started keeping a database of Magic Hat bottlecap sayings. I have them displaying randomly on our blog under the web cam. My favorite is still problably "Better Luck Next Time."

Michael Bix said...

And anybody moved by Michael Murdock is fortunate to have assisted in the blues career of one of the most blue blues musicians in existance. Having been moved by Michael myself, I can definitely attest to both his moving skills and his blues-y-ness. Now that he's playing out with the Heckhounds he seems to be perking up a little bit too.

Michael Bix