Sunday, October 16, 2005

Iron & Wine | Calexico Coming to Montreal

Want to see how a bunch of guys from Tuscon and Miami behave in the cold of Montreal in December? Well, check out the Iron & Wine | Calexico supergroup on December 8th at The Spectrum.

The two bands will be coming to the area in support of their recent collaborative EP In the Reins. Both bands will play a set alone and then they'll join each other on stage for a few tunes. As a fan of both bands, it sounds like a good night of music.

The show is a little on the expensive side of indie rock shows. The cost is $30.60 Canadian which translates to about $25.70 US. However, considering that you are seeing two good bands plus hearing their collaborative work, it seems like a good deal.

If you order your tickets from the Spectrum website, be careful about what show you click on. The show is listed as Iron & Wine and then the next show listed is Canadian geezer rockers April Wine. So, with the small font, it's possible to click on the latter.

Iron and Wine | Calexico - Dead Man's Will (courtesy of Said the Gramaphone)
Iron and Wine | Calexico - Red Dust (courtesy of Radio Free Internet)
Iron and Wine | Calexico - 16, Maybe Less (courtesy of Radio Free Internet)


Nico said...

So they do a bunch of shows in Calexico's backyard but decide to skip out on Florida? Boo to that! Especially since I missed I&W's show here last spring.

I'm going to have to get you to pick up a copy of that Calexico tour CD and I'll mail you a check.

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