Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Think Someone Stole Something

Can't afford the cash for one Apple's new video iPods? Do you care if your merchandise could double as evidence? Well, for the less discerning buyer, someone is dumping a lot of Samsung 1GB mp3/mp4 video/photo players on eBay. The things even have FM radio and a line-in recording function. All for less than $100 including shipping.

It's not as cool looking as an iPod but you can't beat the price...unless you get ripped off.

Also, jds found a video review of the player courtesy of c|net. They're pretty high on it for a low-cost player.

Two other mp3 player notes:

1) In the comments, jds referenced his $3.99 mp3 player. His explanation and links are here.

2) Have you ever wondered what the inside of your iPod looked like? Engadget has the story of some stockbrokers who opened it up for an investment report.


jds said...

36 dollar shipping charge?!?!
Now that be crazy.

Curious to see what people think of that thing.

Now matter what it can't beat my recent purchase of a player for $3.99!

jds said...

Pretty sure this is it:
Cnet review including video.