Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Christmas is Only 61 Days Away

I was once watching late night TV with a friend when an ad for some knives came on. The ad promised that you could turn an apple into a duck with this knife. My friend turned to me and said, "Who the fuck would ever want to turn an apple into a duck?"

It was a very keen observation on his part and one I think about whenever I see something like this. It's a toaster...no...it's a guitar amp!

They're a bit pricey for a Christmas gift at $149 ($99 if you supply the toaster) but what musician wouldn't love one. I'm not a musician but I personally like the ones with mag wheels.

courtesy Music Thing


Drummerboy said...

The actual quote was " Why on god's green earth would anyone want to make a duck out of an apple. As an alternative comment I had considered " I heard the same story but I heard the hook was on his foot."

Flatlander said...

You are right. I should have known better. Hoef has never been foul-mouthed.