Tuesday, October 18, 2005

US World Cup Uniforms

Nobody is ever going to mistake me for a fashion maven but I do take an interest in the uniforms of the US National Soccer Team. Why? Because I always fear a return to the denim uniforms they wore during the 1994 World Cup.

Now that we have qualified, the job is up to Nike to design the uniforms which can be scary based upon some of their designs over the years. However, if Logan's Revenge is to be believed, we may have some sharp looking kits for Germany (thankfully, no lederhosen).

Logan's Revenge is a mysterious blog written anonymously by someone who claims to have inside information about soccer in the US. The rumors are that it is written by longtime soccer journalist Jeff Bradley who happens to be the brother of former MLS coach Bob Bradley. Regardless who it is written by, the rumors and speculation make it a fun read.

Logan's Revenge is claiming that the 2006 World Cup uniforms will be throwback uniforms with a racing stripe down the left side of an otherwise solid colored uniform. He likens it to the uniforms that were worn in the movie Victory (above) and the recent Juventus away jersey (designed by Nike)(below).

As long as they don't junk it up (as Nike is capable of doing), I think that would be a snappy look. The team would look sharp and it wouldn't be an embarrassing jersey to wear as a fan.


Jim said...

If the new kit design is true, that would be great. And thanks for the link to Logan's Revenge. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

I saw the new uniform os the US team as well as the brazil , holland,portugal,mexico,croacia in a mexican news paper the're all retro uniforms and the US uniform is exactly as you describe it in your blog.
Regards from Mexico