Thursday, May 28, 2009

Empire State Troopers | 5/29 | Burlington

Hard rock outfit Empire State Troopers are making a stop in town on Friday for a 10 pm show w/ Vultures of Cult at the Long Mustache (aka Burlington Factory Studios - 208 Flynn Ave). I've blasted off about them in the past ( They just finished a new album, Turn Lights Out [buy], also recorded and engineered by Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh, Fiery Furnaces, etc).

They are one of relatively few bands that I know of whose recordings are proof that they are of an embarrassingly rare breed of great live bands. This immediately sets them apart from the current landscape of bands…They are the real deal.--Jason Loewenstein

EST were up here last Spring and nearly brought down Radio Bean. So f'n loud. They are now a five piece (vs 3), I'm curious to see how much fuller it can get.

I have yet to see Vultures of Cult, but the stuff off their myspace page is freaking great - very much like Queens of the Stone Age.

EST will be off to Portland, ME on Saturday before taking aim on NC.