Monday, September 05, 2005


I've been posting so much about Swedish pop bands, I started to feel I was selling short our own homebred pop masters. So, here's Detroit's answer to Sweden...PAS/CAL.

PAS/CAL is a Motor City quintet channeling Ray Davies and Belle & Sebastian. It's bright cheery summertime pop with harmonies, handclaps, tambourines and enough hooks to keep your head bopping all afternoon.

So far, they've released a pair of EPs (I'd recommend Handbag Memoirs) but are creeping closer and closer to completing their debut LP. They have released the track listing for the LP on their website which would seem to be a good sign.

The first track below is from Handbag Memoirs while the second track is from Oh Honey, We're Ridiculous.

PAS/CAL - The Bronze Beach Boys
PAS/CAL - What Happened to the Sands


spinachdip said...

Murph, can't remember if I sent the link around but there's another Pas/Cal track for download here:

Flatlander said...


You are a good man. Many thanks.