Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Hidden Cameras

A good cover song falls into one of two buckets. It's either a new interpretation of a well-known song or a straight cover of an unknown song in an attempt to bring more attention to that song/band. On Thursday night, Jens Lekman pulled off the latter by covering The Hidden Cameras. I missed the song title (I even missed the band's name but a fellow from Sweden corrected me) so I'm not sure which tune he did. However, I know I enjoyed the song enough to be interested in learning more about the band.

I'm still trying to figure out the idea behind Joel Gibb's Toronto-based chamber pop band but the few songs I've found have been great pieces of foot-tapping joy. Apparently, they book themsleves into churches but perform with gay male go-go dancers on stage with them. They say playing in churches makes economical sense but it must create a few headaches for themselves. I also can't figure out the red blindfolds. Regardless, the songs stand on their own without any help/hinderance from their stage show.

The Hidden Cameras - Doot Doot Plat
The Hidden Cameras - Music is My Boyfriend

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