Monday, October 10, 2005

Out of 5

Out of 5 is a site that is well worth bookmarking. Here is the deal: Every week a few folks choose a different theme for a mix CD. Some of them work on the song selection and the others work on the album's artwork. Then they put it up on the site for your listening pleasure. The songs stream automatically when you open the site but you can also download the mp3 files.

This is the second week that I've checked it out and it's been great both week. The first week's theme was covers which eclipse the originals which led to me discovering Stevie Wonder's cover of the Beatles' "We Can Work It Out" and Al Green's cover of "I Want to Hold Your Hand". I hadn't ever heard either tune but both are amazing.

This week's theme is "One Voice. One Acoustic Guitar." I'm still making my way through the tracks but, so far, every tune has been a keeper. It's definitely a great site to bookmark and check each week.

UPDATE: I was just playing around with some of the site's url's and found the titles to a few previous mixes. Before the two mixes mentioned above, they had:

  • Songs About Trains
  • Songs From Movies...But Not Themes or Title Songs
  • Five Reasons to Feel Bad
I could find the album covers but not the song files.


Nico said...

Thanks for the link! I haven't listened to Therapy? in ages and am surprised they could do something this tame as they were quite aggressive back in the day.

Flatlander said...

I had never heard of them until hearing them on Out of 5 but I like that track.

Sometimes the best songs are created when heavy bands go light and light bands go heavy. Forcing people out of their comfort zones can do amazing things for the creative process.

g said...

No archives on the site? This current download is called outof5_07. Do you have a copy of the first zip?