Friday, October 21, 2005

New York Doll

extrawack! has a great review up on his blog of the documentary New York Doll. It's about the bass player, Arthur Kane, of the legendary punk band, The New York Dolls. extrawack! saw an advanced screening of the film and his description of it whetted my appetite for it. It sounds great.

Locally, our best chance of seeing this film is if The Savoy Theater brings it to Montpelier. However, the owner of the Savoy, Rick Winston, may not be aware of the documentary or any interest in the community in seeing the film. So, if you are interested in seeing the flic, please email the Savoy Theater and request it. Their email address is: film(at)savoytheater(dot)com.
A friend, who works for the Vermont Film Commission and is on the board for picking the movies for the Green Mountain Film Festival, said they are just starting the process of choosing the pictures for next March's festival. So, this would probably be a good time to contact the Savoy about the movie.

UPDATE: I just tried sending an email to the Savoy and got back a message saying that they had exceeded their storage limit. I'll try to stop by there to talk to them about it, I guess.

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Jim said...

Good idea. I just contacted my local art house and asked them to pick it up.