Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Go! Team Coming to Montreal & Boston

I posted about The Go! Team a few months ago but I thought I should do it again since there is a bit of news about them. Their unbelievably delicious debut album, Thunder Lightning Strike, will finally be released in the US next Tuesday, Oct. 4th.

The album was released in Europe last year, however, do to all of the samples and clips it borrows from other albums, Thunder Lightning Strike, couldn't be released in the US until all of the copyright issues got resolved. Well, The Go! Team finally signed with Columbia records a few months ago and their high powered legal department has hammered out all of the copyright deals. So, now the album will be available across the country at normal CD prices. I coughed up the extra clams earlier this year for the import and have been loving the thing ever since. Baring something unforseen, it'll be my album of the year.

The other news about The Go! Team is that their US tour will be coming through our area in about a month. On Halloween night, they are playing in Montreal at Cabaret La Tulipe and then the next night, they'll be down in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club. My brother-in-law and I got our tickets for the Boston show yesterday. I'd love to see the Halloween show (do they celebrate Halloween in Canada?) but taking my son trick-or-treating is a blast and I wouldn't miss it for any concert.

You can stream the entire album by going to Scenestars website and clicking on the picture of Rachel's head along the top of the page.

You Ain't No Picasso has a pair of mp3 files available also. However, I don't expect them to be around very long.

The Go! Team - Ladyflash
The Go! Team - Get It Together

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