Friday, October 07, 2005

Montpelier Bi-Centennial Celebration

Can you believe it's already been 200 years? That's right. It's time for Montpelier to celebrate the 200th anniversary of it being the capital of Vermont.

This weekend, Oct. 7th - 9th, Montpelier will be playing host to parades, fireworks, orgies, "Taste of Vermont", public floggings, concerts and and art exhibits. You can get the full schedule of events here.

I would normally be partaking in the "Taste of Vermont" and the parade (Montpelier has great friggin' parades). However, the weather looks like crap from Friday afternoon straight through Sunday. Plus, I'm going to Montreal Saturday afternoon for a night of dinner and drinking with friends. So, I'll miss a lot of the action on the statehouse lawn.

I guess I'll just have to wait for the 225th anniversary celebration.

UPDATE: The weekend's celebration was a complete bust. It rained all weekend and all of the events were either cancelled or poorly attended. We watched the parade under cover from the porch of the Pavillion Hotel building but the parade stunk. I don't know if some groups/people that had planned to be in the parade cancelled or if they actually planned a short parade but the whole thing lasted a mere ten minutes. Disappointment.

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