Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Got Any Info on Jens Lekman Show?

Well, I'm perplexed.

According to Jens Lekman's own website, his label's website and his booking agent's website, Lekman is scheduled to play Downcaf at Bennington College on 10/13 and The Rocket Fuel Club at Dartmouth College the next night. I can even find the same shows listed on the website for the opening band, Nedelle.

However, I can't find any ticket info online or anywhere else for that matter. After failing to find anything via Google, I called a friend who works in the President's Office at Bennington College. He couldn't even find any evidence of a show being scheduled that night at the Downcaf. I showed him the website to prove to him that I wasn't crazy which prompted him to call the student responsible for events at the Downcaf. However, like a typical college student, the guy has ignored both of my friend's messages.

So, I then emailed his label, Secretly Canadian, and his booking agent, Kork Agency but I haven't heard anything back from them yet.

Does anyone out there know anything about tickets for this show or the show at Dartmouth? Are the shows open to non-students?

In the day of the internet, it's bizarre when you can't find any information for a concert; particularly by the Swedish King of Pop.

UPDATE: I just got an email back from Kork who confirmed the show with someone at Bennington. Here is what they wrote:

The show is most definately on for that night. $5, 10PM... I think we're going to add an opener, who are apparently friends of Jens who live in NYC... so it'll probably then start at 9PM.
I'm still not sure whether or not it is open to students but if I find out, I'll post it here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I think we have all the answers now. I just received an email from the promoter of the show regarding whether the show is open to non-students or not.

Absolutely open to non-students ($5, doors at 9:00). Just make sure you get a
visitor's pass at the security booth at the front gate upon arrival at the
school. Please come and bring friends!
So, here is a quick summary. The show will be on Thursday, Oct. 13th at 9pm. The opening band will be Nedelle and Jens Lekman will headline the show. The cost will be $5 at the door and non-students are welcome as long as they get a pass at the security booth at the front gate.

Well, with all that info, I think I'm going to be seeing Mr. Lekman. Very cool.

ONE LAST UPDATE: Lekman will be performing with a full band. I had thought for a while that it might just be him with an acoustic guitar and a drum machine but I was wrong. We'll be hearing the full Lekman sound.


Jim said...

That reminds me -- I have to get tickets to his Bloomington show.

Find out anything yet?

Anonymous said...

flatlander, what is your email address?

Flatlander said...

you can reach me at jamkids@gmail.com.

jds said...

So why aren't you going to the free show at Dartmouth on the next night (Friday)?