Sunday, October 30, 2005

Metros Go Down in Flames | Again

Growing up, I was a fan of the New Jersey Nets. It was a tough row to hoe and I believed that I would never see a franchise as cursed as the Nets. However, that was before the Metros were born in 1996.

Before moving to Vermont, I was a Metros season ticket holder from their inaugration in 1996 to 1999. In their first game ever, the Metros lost on an own goal at the very end of the game. That single game was a perfect projection of the pain that fans would endure over the next ten years. But I missed the sign the soccer gods were sending to the fans and proceeded to become a fan of the great pain merchants of Major League Soccer.

Well, the latest installment of that pain occurred last night when the Metros were thirty minutes away from upsetting the top team in the Eastern Conference, New England Revolution, in the first round of the MLS playoffs. The Metros had an aggregate lead of 2-0 following a beautiful goal by Youri Djorkaeff. At this point, I allowed myself a moment of hope and wonder as I realized that the Metros would be one game away from the championship match if they held onto this lead. It was exciting to even harbor such thoughts. However, over the next thirty minutes, the curse returned. New England scored three times over the next half-hour to knock the Metros out of the playoffs.

The pain continues.


Jim said...

I was sad to see that happen. I really wanted the Metros to succeed even though Nicky Sack has managed to really run the club into the ground over the last several years.

Take heart -- at least you may get Freddy next season. ;) And you could be a DC United fan right now. You know that when Jesse Marsch scores a golazo against you, something ain't right.

Flatlander said...

DCU had a miserable loss but those losses are easier to take when you have four titles under your belt. The Metros' trophy case is the most barren in the league. It's a tough franchise to love.