Sunday, July 31, 2005

Riverwalk Records & Howard Bean Cafe for Sale

Hey! Wanna buy a record store/coffee shop?

The store that conatins both Riverwalk Records and The Howard Bean Cafe in Montpelier is for sale. So, if you have $39,999 to blow and want to listen to vinyl recordings of classic rock all day, this is the spot for you.

The cafe (Dean has given his blessing to the name) is in the back of Riverwalk Records. In fact, the space is barely discernible from the record store.

Riverwalk sells mainly vinyl original pressings of classic rock bands (plus some concert posters and other stuff) while the cafe is basically a few tables and chairs where you can enjoy a cup of Green Mountain Roasters coffee. Nothing fancy.

The cafe's competition is a great coffee shop across the street called Capitol Grounds while Riverwalk doesn't have any local competitors for the vinyl business. In general music, the fine CD store, Buch Spieler, is a block away with a nice selection of rock, pop, jazz, country and world beat CDs.

There are probably better investments around but if your great aunt just left you a huge chunk of money and you've always had a dream to be Rob in High Fidelity, this is the deal for you.


casey said...

Wow. I had no idea. I thought that patrick was going strong.

Great shop.


Flatlander said...

It doesn't make much sense to me either. This past weekend, the mother of a friend of mine was having a yard sale. Part of the yard sale was all of my friend's brother's vinyl records from the 80's when he worked at WNCS. Lots of early REM albums and what not. Well, Patrick showed up and gave her $200 for the entire collection.

I sopke to him about it yesterday at Gesine's and he confirmed buying the records and said he already had most of the stuff added to the shelves.

If the guy is looking to get out of the business, why is he buying more inventory? I don't really understand it.