Thursday, September 29, 2005

Vermont Music Update

It's been a while since I did an update on the top albums people are buying and what Vermonters are listening to over the last week. So, courtesy of Seven Days, here are the top albums sold at local indie shops:

Buch Spieler - Montpelier

  1. Various Artists -- Remembering Rachel: Songs of Rachel Bissex
  2. Nickel Creek -- Why Should the Fire Die?
  3. Patti Casey -- The Edge of Grace
  4. Ray LaMontagne -- Trouble
  5. Grace Potter & the Nocturnals -- Nothing But the Water
  6. White Stripes -- Get Behind Me Satan
  7. Jack Johnson -- In Between Dreams
  8. Willie Nelson -- Countryman
  9. Ween -- Shinola Vol. 1
  10. Van Morrison -- Magic Time
Pure Pop - Burlington

  1. Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon -- 66 Steps
  2. Ween -- Shinola Vol. 1
  3. New Pornographers -- Twin Cinema
  4. Killers -- Hot Fuss Ltd.
  5. Jack Johnson -- In Between Dreams
  6. Various Artists -- This Is Americana II
  7. Steve Kimock -- Eddemonic
  8. Slug & Murs -- Felt II: Tribute to Lisa Bonet
  9. M.I.A. -- Arular
  10. Willie Nelson -- Countryman
Exile on Main Street - Barre

  1. Delbert McClinton -- Cost of Living
  2. Neal McCoy -- That's Life
  3. Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon -- 66 Steps
  4. Guns N' Roses -- Appetite for Destruction
  5. Trick Pony -- R.I.D.E.
  6. Dane Cook -- Retaliation
  7. Foo Fighters -- In Your Honor
  8. Staind -- Chapter V
  9. Nickel Creek -- Why Should the Fire Die?
  10. Ween -- Shinola Vol. 1
Vermont Book Shop - Middlebury

  1. Mike & the Ravens -- Nevermore
  2. Staind -- Chapter V
  3. Green Day -- American Idiot
  4. Audioslave -- Out of Exile
  5. Tom 24 & Dan Wills -- Dear Lucy
  6. Tides -- Resurface
  7. White Stripes -- Get Behind Me Satan
  8. Ween -- Shinola
  9. Missy Elliot -- Cookbook
  10. Pink Floyd -- The Wall
Ween's Shinola Vol. 1 is the only album to appear on each list. Pretty impressive. When I had looked at these stores a month or so ago, there wasn't any single album that made all four lists. Therefore, it isn't surprising that Ween's show at Higher Ground on Sunday night is sold out.

The White Stripes, Willie Nelson, Staind, Nickel Creek, Jack Johnson and Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon are the only artists to appear on two of the lists.

Did I miss something? How did GnR make the #4 slot at Exile on Main St? Barre just marches to a slightly different drummer.

As for the top artists that members of the Vermont group on Last.FM are listening to, here is that list:

1 Death Cab for Cutie
2 The Beatles
3 Pixies
4 Belle and Sebastian
5 Kanye West
6 The Decemberists
7 Explosions in the Sky
8 Iron & Wine
9 Broken Social Scene
10 The Clash

To demonstrate the disconnect between the 26 members of this group and the record sales charts above, Ween doesn't even appear on the Top Artists list (300 artists).

It's interesting to see Explosions in the Sky show up in the top ten. I wasn't familiar with them until earlier this week when a friend recommended them to me. This is now more evidence that I need to check them out. And as always, The Beatles remain in the top ten.

Here is the link to my page. It isn't entirely accurate because it doesn't capture everything that was listened to on my iPod but, in general, it's a good barometer of what I'm listening to these days.


Scully said...

As a recent transplant to the area, I hope I don't skew your data for the Vermont group (which I joined last week). I am not at all familiar with the local music yet, but am looking forward to checking it out. My wife is an audio engineer who records live music on location, so we will be busy casing the scene soon. Specifically the non-amplified stuff.

jds said...

Go Barre! Appetite for Destruction? Holy crap is that amazing. I know "Welcome to the Jungle", "Paradise City", "Sweet Child O' Mine" rule, but how does a 13 year old album get ranked so high? Is Exile really selling so few albums? That's the only thing that makes sense. There can't be more then 5 people picking up G'n'R's breakthrough in a week. Nothing like being proud of your hometown.

Flatlander said...


Welcome to the area. There are a lot of Deadheads in the area so you'll have a lot of company. Those folks just aren't represented on the Last.FM site. Almost every group on Last.FM skews towards indie rock. For some reason, indie rock fans have either discovered the site first or are just more interested in statistical summaries of their listening habits than fans of other genres.

Flatlander said...


I think you must be right about their low album sales. Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense. I don't remember hearing any recent news about the band or TV shows about them that would have sparked any interest. So, like you said, it must be a combination of a slow sales week and a mild 5 unit pop in GnR sales.

But then again, maybe we are completely missing something.