Friday, September 23, 2005

New American Analog Set

My copy of the new American Analog Set album, Set Free, is still on order so I can't comment on the whole album but the early reviews are not very kind.

Pitchfork said:

Set Free is ultimately just another American Analog Set album-- and probably the least essential at that.

All Music said:

American Analog Set have been accused of writing the same song over and over - and over - again, and Set Free isn't immune to that.

PopMatters said:

The American Analog Set have discovered what they do well: brief, general lyrics that vaguely allude to people and stuff (junk like that) backed by whispered vocals and simple instrumentation. The vagueness, however, is distracting at times, and the gentle pace often leads to tedium.

Wow. The rest of the album must really suck because the three tracks I've heard from the bands' site and other blogs have been good tracks. I understand the point about the fact that these tracks sound similar to their last two albums but why does a band have to constantly reinvent its sound? I guess it depends on whether you were tired of that sound yet or not. I'm fairly new to AmAnSet but I'm not satiated yet.

American Analog Set - Immaculate Heart II
American Analog Set - Cool Kids Keep
American Analog Set - Born on the Cusp

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