Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Capitol Music Hall

Do you know what the second most important country music hall (after the Grand Ole Opry) is? Neither did I until I visited Wheeling, WV yesterday.

I had to go to Wheeling for work yesterday & today and while having dinner with a guy from our client's office, I learned about the importance of the Capitol Music Hall. I'm not a fan of current pop country music but I like learning about music scenes in general. So, I found this interesting.

Every saturday night since 1933, a radio program featuring country music artists has been broadcast from the Capitol Music Hall. The show is called Jamboree USA. Obviously, I knew about the importance of Nashville to country music but I didn't know Wheeling, WV was such an important stop for country stars too. It's an economically depressed town but they at least have a music scene.

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