Monday, September 05, 2005

Eat More Kale

There are many reasons why I often wish I had a band but one of them is so that I could hire Bo at Eat More Kale to design my band's concert shirts.

That's an odd way of saying that Eat More Kale, another great independent central Vermont business, has some of the best simple designs I've ever seen for t-shirts. Plus, the designs sit on good thick cotton shirts that hang really well off your shoulders.

My favorite design that's available on the website is the mirrored pair of ravens. However, if you visit Bo at the Montpelier farmer's market, you'll see an even wider variety of designs. Regardless of the design though, I often get positive comments from folks when I'm sporting one of his shirts. They're simple but attract a lot of attention.

1 comment:

Bo said...

My goodness Brian, you are very kind. Too kind. I owe you yet another shirt it seems. Your a good man.