Thursday, September 29, 2005

Montpelier WebCam

Montpelier has a new blog called Terrapin Gardens (transplanted from DC) and they have a gift for all of us.....a webcam. So, now we can check out the view from somewhere above Brooks Pharmacy (or there abouts) looking across Main St to the fire station.

Directly across the street from that fire station is the guerilla garden (not visible in the picture) that I posted about a few weeks ago. That's how close the fire station was when the building on that lot burned down. (I've heard all of the fire chief's explanations but it still amazes me.)

By the way, on a music note, Rick and Sarah have a music recording company currently called Capital City Studios; although, according to their blog, they are thinking of re-naming it since moving from DC.

Welcome to Montpeculiar!


Scully said...

Sorry about the crap quality of the images, folks. Our windows are filthy on the outside and inaccessible from the inside. The best time to view the cam is after 1pm when the sun goes behind the building. The sun currently rises in the shot just above the firehouse, so early images are often washed out and the cam auto-focuses on the dirty windows.

Thanks for the props, Flatlander!

Micmacker said...

Hello! We just found you. We are Montpelierites recently moved to Ireland where we will be living for a few years before we are back. We are very homesick! So we are requesting that you keep refreshing your webcam image as much as will feel, just a bit, like being there.