Monday, September 19, 2005

Pernice Brothers Coming to Higher Ground 9/24

Next Saturday, September 24th, Joe Pernice will be bringing his misnomer of a band, Pernice Brothers, to South Burlington's Higher Ground. I think Joe's brother, Bob has played on one or two of their albums but not for awhile. The mainstays over the years have been just Joe, bassist Thom Monahan and guitarist Peyton Pinkerton.

Joe Pernice developed a bit of a cult following back in the mid-90's with his former band, The Scud Mountain Boys. Their album Massachusetts is a dark, mellow, acoustic pop gem packed with tales of drunken sorrows and easily one of my top ten albums of the 90's.

While Joe's stuff with Pernice Brothers has never risen to the same heights as Massachusetts, he's still been putting out sweet country-tinged sad pop tunes ever since. His latest album, Discover a Lovlier You, makes a few clumsy attempts to introduce electronic elements into his songs which makes the album rather lumpy. However, there are still a few trademark Joe Pernice songs to make the show worth attending. A few tunes from the album can be streamed on their site.

By the way, I also saw this amusing bit of fame for Pernice Brothers on their website. The song they wrote for the Red Sox's knucklehead outfielder Manny Ramirez got mentioned on the back of Manny's baseball card this year.

There's a few other entertaining items on their site. Joe used his home recorder to film his own episode of MTV's Cribs. Joe also filmed himself calling a company to get insurance for his band's equipment before they headed out on tour.

See ya at the show.

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