Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kasey Keller Named Player of the Week in Germany

US goalkeeper, Kasey Keller, held his amazing recent form this past week as he was named player of the week in Germany's Bundesliga. The guy has been blistering all through World Cup qualifying for the US and is the main reason that his injury-riddled German club, Mönchengladbach, is able to remain in the middle of the table.

Hopefully, this form will hold for at least the next ten months. If the US is going to get out of the first round of next year's World Cup, Keller is going to play a large role in that success.

This is also good chance to share a link to Barcelona's song about the balding netminder. It isn't the best song but it's fairly entertaining and we can't be too picky. How many songs are there about US soccer players?

Barcelona - Kasey Keller

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Jim said...

I love that picture.