Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Concret

OK. Let's just get this out of the way.

Yes. Their song "Say Something New" is being used in ads for Target.

Yes. It does annoy me when bands sell their songs for use in commercials.

No. I don't dismiss them for doing it. I hope they got the nice payday they deserve for it.

Now that's over...The Concretes are another pop band hailing from the land of blondes, meatballs and cheap furniture; Sweden. There's eight of them in the band so they need some big paydays from Target to feed the whole crew. Last year, they released their self-titled debut and this year they are back with a disc of rareties.

Wait...what the hell? Their second disc is a disc of rareties? Shouldn't they have saved that stuff for say their fifth album? Oh, what the hell, it's still good stuff and their cover of The Stones' "Miss You" is sublime. If this was the SATs, the correlation would work like this:

The Concretes : Miss You :: Cowboy Junkies : Sweet Jane.

The Concretes - Forces
The Concretes - Miss You
The Concretes - New Friend

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