Friday, September 30, 2005

Les Breastfeeders

Sometimes it takes someone in Indiana to remind you of a gold mine in your own backyard. penne all'arrabbiata has a post up today about a few bands that sing in french and one of those bands is Les Breastfeeders from Montreal.

JD of penne all'arrabbiata had turned me onto these ne'er-do-wells earlier this summer before I started this blog. They would have been a good choice for a post over the last few months since they hail from our nearest major city and rawk! But I blew it and am now playing catch up.

Their sound is best described as garage rock or as the Québécois would say "rock garage". However, it's a bit more polished, arsty and poppy than a couple of knuckleheads banging out the tunes in their parent's basement. Their name is stupid but we'll let it slide since they bring that 60's garage sound so well.

There are two songs available on penne all'arrabbiata and a third song is available on their site. There is also a video for "Mini-jupe et watusi" ("Miniskirt and Watusi") on thier site. The best part of the video is the very end when their tambourinists flashes a little martial arts tambourine action at you.

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