Thursday, September 22, 2005

Apple Picking Season

It's that time of the year again. One of the last signs of summer around here is apple picking season. It means heading out to a local orchard, paying a tiny fee and then picking more apples than any family could possibly consume.

Our favorite orchard is Liberty Orchard in Brookfield. They keep the trees small and low to the ground which makes it easy for our kids to pick the apples. The orchard sits on the side of a mountain which yields nice views across the valley. Plus, the orchard is close to the floating bridge in Brookfield which is always a fun place for the kids to play after apple-picking.

Foliage season is running late this year since we haven't even had our first frost yet. We usually wait until peak foliage before heading out to Liberty Orchard but there are a few good reasons to go this weekend instead of waiting. 1) The apples are ready. 2) The weather on saturday looks good. 3) The following weekend is the Bi-centential Celebration of Montpelier being the state capital (parade, "Taste of Vermont" on the state house lawn, etc.).

A full listing of all of the orchards and cider mills in Vermont can be found here.

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jds said...

I'll have to check out Liberty Orchards some time. We've been going to Shelburne Orchards ( every year and have loved it. They are situated right on the lake and include over 400 organic trees. But once my little one is big enough to start pulling them himself we may have to start picking Brookfield's short trees.