Monday, September 26, 2005

False 45th Design

There was another part of last Saturday that made it a great day. However, I purposely didn't mention it before because it deserved its own post.

At the farmer's market on Saturday, Bo of Eat More Kale shirts had a surprise for me. He said he had been reading this blog and it inspired him to design a shirt for me. That's the shirt in the photo.

I love it. Simple and accurate. Plus, it's a great feeling to have someone do something so nice for you; not to mention being the inspiration for something artistic. Bo, you're a great guy and thank you very much.

Bo also said if anyone wants that design, he'll lay the stencil the other way so the music notes are going the correct way. He said it was just an accident on this shirt. However, there is something about the notes going the other way that I like.


jds said...

You should have the image on your site's title bar.

Pretty sweet work, Bo.

Bo said...

I'm glad you like the design and print. You a good looking guy and better looking still in my t-shirts.
I have blog on my website, it's new. I've had writters block for weeks. I'll talk one's ear off anytime someone is around, yet give me a black page and.....brain fart.. nothing.
How you come up with ideas day after day is something else.
Keep it coming and I'll keep making shirts.

Michael Martine said...

Hey, nice shirt, bo!

Morgan W. Brown said...

Excellent design! A definite one of a kind tee to be the pruod owner of, most especially due to the backward notes of course. Lucky you!

By the way, great blog!

Surfed in via the 802 Online blog blogroll.

Keep blogging on!

Morgan W. Brown said...


No pun intended either, just my usual typo's is all, as I forgot to spell check prior to posting my comment.

Had meant to write *proud*, not pruod for crying out luod. Hmmm, there goes my pride, what little was left of it anyway.

lol (laughing out loud)

:-) [smile]

Drummnik said...

Love the shirts but how much more Kale could I possible eat?