Wednesday, September 28, 2005

First Review

My first music review for Seven Days hit the streets today. It's for an album called Meat and Electricity by a local band called Dirtminers.

Reading the review now, I don't think it accurately describes how I feel about the album. It's not a good album and I don't think that comes across very well in my review. When I read the article it sounds like I enjoyed it but felt there were a few flaws. However, the songs were so bland that I deleted the songs off my iPod shortly after finishing the review.

But it was my first one out of the blocks and a good chance to learn. I'll try to do a better job of expressing my points in the future.


jds said...

But they spelled your name wrong! I'm pretty sure there isn't an "e" in your last name, right? Stranger things have happened at Ellis Island.
I enjoyed the review and thought you did a great job with a tough task. Hopefully next time you'll get something more exciting to comment on.

Jim said...
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Bo said...

Spread your wings and fly. your no longer a wooly worm. good work. your def wuf da words.