Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Shorts & Docs

From last weekend through this Thursday, the Savoy Theater in Montpelier is running a mini film festival. It's basically three different features running at various times.

The features are:

MANHATTAN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL: Friday to Sunday, Sept 16 to 18

SHORT CUT TO NIRVANA: Monday and Tuesday, Sept 19 and 20

WINTER SOLDIER: Wednesday and Thursday, Sept 21 and 22

Since I was away last weekend, I missed the first feature and I'mm be busy tonight and tomorrow. However, I'm hoping to make it to Winter Soldier on Wednesday or Thursday. All of the discussion during the last presidential election about their anti-war efforts has peaked my interest in their story.

Additionally, there are two other promising films coming to the Savoy over the next few weeks. Next weekend, Bill Murray's Broken Flowers will open and then The Aristocrats comes to town on Oct. 7.

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