Friday, September 16, 2005

Going to the Chapel...

I'm heading down to Beach Haven, NJ for a friend's wedding this weekend. I'll see you on Sunday night.


Anonymous said...
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Nico said...

You've really been getting around lately Murf. I wish I was travelling this much!

Oh yeah, you might want to activate the spam blocking comment field (where you have to type in what's in the box to post comments.)

b.f. said...

I used to go down to Beach Haven every Summer as a kid. Man, was that place Skee-Ball heaven.

Bo said...

Hi big B, I'm finally on the computer. your blog is very interesting. your a smart cookie. i really appreciate your more than kind words concerning
by the way, with the help of a friend named Heather, I planted the guerilla garden downtown (Seamus helped too). did you recognize my stencils? the turtle is saying "take it easy" , not "take back". i like the idea of a snapping turtle telling you to "take it easy".
i hope you had a great weekend. i've missed you at the market. i owe you a shirt or two.

Flatlander said...


Thanks for the tip. I didn't know I could block those spam comments.

Our travelling has become more frequent as our kids have gotten a little older. They are much better travellers now than they were a year ago. So, I'm guessing travel will become easier and more frequent for you guys as your lttle guy gets older. It's just brutal with an infant.

Flatlander said...


That's funny. I had never been to Beach Haven before. My skee-ball years were spent at Jenkinsons Pavilion on Point Pleasant Beach.

I didn't get to hit the boardwalk in Beach Haven at all. However, I did get in some late night drinking and karaoke at Terrace Tavern which was a blast. The wedding was at the Branch Beach Yacht Club. It was the first wedding I've ever attended where the band played multiple Led Zeppelin tunes. I remember hearing "Stairway" during dinner and "Ramble On" after dinner.

Plus, they were so friggin' loud that I blew out my voice by the time the salad arrived just by talking to the people around me. Only in Jersey.

Flatlander said...


Thanks for the kind words. That's hilarious that you were one of the people who planted the guerilla garden. I had no idea. Great job. I love that thing.

I'll see you at the market or around town.

Bob F. said...

I don't even think there is a boardwalk in Beach Haven...The skee ball joints were all on the main drag that goes straight through LBI.

Funny you mention the Terrace...My grandfather used to walk over to the "Tear-Ass" for a snortski every evening...back then it was a locals & old guys hang.