Thursday, September 22, 2005

Soccer Blogs

Grant Wahl, the soccer writer for Sports Illustrated, has put together a nice list of soccer blogs. There are a lot of good sites to bookmark on his list. My two favorites on his list are du Nord and We Call It Soccer. Both of those blogs carry themsleves with a bit of a swagger that is generally missing among US soccer fans.

Speaking of soccer, the U-17 World Cup is currently being played down in Peru. The US team has won their first two matches over North Korea and Italy and sits on top of its group. Their next match is against Ivory Coast tomorrow. The match will be shown live at 4:30pm on Fox Soccer Channel.

If the US wins or ties, it will win its group and play the second-place team from Group D in the quarterfinals. If the results of Group D go to form, this means the US would play Brazil which is always a tough match. However, Gambia beat Brazil 3-1 earlier in the tournament so they aren't invinceable and the US squad looked great in its match against Italy. That match would be played on Tuesday.

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