Monday, August 01, 2005

Record Club

I read about this in The Believer. A few music fans down in NYC decided that they liked the social aspect of book clubs but were more interested in music than books. So, they conceived of the idea of a record club.

Once a month, they get together for dinner and everyone brings two songs. Each song is first played without any info given about who the artist is. Then whoever brought the song tells everyone about the song and it gets played again. This goes on until dinner is over and all of the songs have been played. Then everyone gets a compilation CD of the tracks played that night.

It's not a bad idea. It's social and you get exposed to new tunes.


Jim said...

I've been thinking about starting up one of these in Indy.

Nico said...

I've pondered doing that for a decade. Glad to see someone's infinitely less lazy than me. It'd probably never fly down here though, it'd be all bubble gum pop or goth music (the two things that seem to be most popular here.)

Flatlander said...

As bad as the music scene could be in Orlando, I can't believe in a city that big, you couldn't find a dozen people with interesting tastes. It may take years to track them all down but I'm guessing they are there somewhere. :)

Gumper72 said...

As Tone Loc once said, "Let's do it!"