Friday, August 12, 2005

Help El Boxeo

I had never heard of these gangsters before tonight but they apparently need some help finding a Vermont venue to play in on August 31st. Here is what they posted on the message board for the Vermont group of Audioscrobbler:

El Boxeo (Detroit) Needs a Show August 31st friends from Detroit need a show in Vermont on Auguat 31st. I've tried Langdon, 242 Main, and two houses in Burlington but no one can do it. Does anybody know of places for small indie bands to play? Or would you like to have a show at your house? Come on...they are awesome.

So, come on. Who has a club or living room they can play in? I'm going to send them an email suggesting they try The Black Door.

What is "242 Main"?

Based upon the two mp3 files I pulled from their website, they aren't bad. Mainly instrumental stuff with violin, drums and guitar. Sort of a post-rock version of Dirty Three.

El Boxeo - New Science
El Boxeo - Let's Get Mythological (recommended)


Bill Simmon said...

242 Main is a venue run by the City of Burlington--it used to be called the Teen Center. It's located below Memorial Auditorium and has a reputation for featuring punk, hardcore and death metal bands--edgier fare than I'm generally drawn to so I rarely go.

They should call Lee at the Radio Bean. August 31st is a Wednesday when they do their Irish sessions, but maybe the band could play later or something.

b.f. said...

I smell a "False 45th Presents..." night coming soon.