Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The White Stripes Rider

I love reading the riders for bands to see all of the oddball items that bands deem vital to their happiness / success / satisfaction / whatever on the road. It always seems so random and high maintenance. I understand that they have to be specific to curtail unscrupulous promoters but some of the stuff is kind of silly.

The Smoking Gun has a nice archive of these riders but now the rider for The White Stripes has been posted on The Modern Age.

Some highlights:

  • They ask for $100,000 a show.
  • A small children's piano.
  • 24 bottles of non-carbonated Volvic mineral water.
  • 1 litre of soybean milk from non-GM soy.
  • Doritos potato chips - original flavor (I hope these last two are for different people).
  • Fresh vegetables: baby carrots, green and red peppers.
  • One packet of artificial sweetener.
  • It is very important that there is plenty of ice and that it is changed regularly.
There isn't anything too outrageous but I guess they didn't tailor the rider for the various regions of the world they were playing in and their list caused a lot of problems for the concert organizers in Kaliningrad, Russia.

What kind of barbarians are these residents of Kaliningrad? No Doritos!


Nico said...

That rider is very tame. When I was working in "the biz" I used to have some outrageous riders land on my desk. They're usually quite negotiable, though somethings they stick to very stubbornly.

Nothing would piss me off more though when they would be emphatic about "x" quantity of "y" food and that it is non-negotiable. You'd pay out the wazoo to have this stuff there and then after the show, you'd go backstage and not a single thing would have been opened. Oh well. I stocked my fridge many a time off of unused band rider materials.

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