Monday, August 08, 2005

CBGB Photos

Although I'm having trouble finding the link right now, I recently read on a blog that someone (perhaps CBGB's themselves) is collecting fan's photos of shows at the famous club over the years. So, I dug out some of my photos from seeing Pavement there in 1997 to send in. If I had had a blog in 1997, I would have posted these on my site. But I have a blog now, so I figured I'd post the photos here eight and a half years later.

I saw a lot of Pavement shows in the 90's so I don't recall a lot of details of this show. I remember it was part of a three-night stint in NYC where they first played NYU, then CBGB's and finally the Westbeth Theater. However, while parts of the other NYC shows stand out in my mind, this show was rather ordinary. The most notable thing was the celebrities that came out for the show. I remember seeing Andy Richter and Janeane Garofalo and hearing that others were in the crowd.

The photo below is the only one I have where you can see all five members of the band. You can just barely see Bob screaming into his microphone on the far right of the picture.

This photo does a better job of showing Bob doing his thing. He was always jammed in the back of their set-ups but he was easily the most entertaining guy to watch in the band.

Spiral Stairs belting out on his rare tunes. Considering this was the Brighten the Corners tour, it was probably "Date w/ Ikea" or "Passat Dream". It's hilarious to see Ibold stare so intently at his fret board. He is the most mechanical bass player I've ever seen. He never took those eyes off his bass.

The ragtime band, The Blue Rags, opened for Pavement that night. I think they released on album on Sub Pop shortly after this tour but I haven't heard about them in a long time.

This photo isn't from CBGB's but I wanted to include it here anyway. After NYC, Pavement headed up to Boston to play a pair of shows at The Middle East. So, my camera and I followed them up the coast and got this shot. It used to reside on a Pavement website with the caption "Robert Nastanovich defines rock'n'roll for a generation". I always liked that caption for it.

If anyone knows the link telling where to send the CBGB photos, please leave a comment. Thanks.

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Jim said...

I have never been much of a Pavement fan, but those are good pics.