Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pop Soda

Among the many great things about Vermont is the large number of independent stores, craftsmen and food companies. This is largely because Vermonters are very supportive of independent business over national chains and brands.

One of my favorite local businesses is Pop Soda. The micro-beer market at this point is pretty saturated but there's still a gaping void for alternatives to the national soda brands. And Pop Soda is a great option to start filling that void.

Produced in Moretown, VT and available throughout central VT, the stuff rocks. Each of the three flavors contain a bit of spice to them to let you know you are drinking something unique but also plenty of summer sweetness to keep you coming back. My favorite is Lemon Lavender; although lately, the Citrus Hibiscus has been growing on me.

So, if you live in the area or are visiting and want to try something locally produced and massively enjoyable, pick up some Pop Soda. Here in Montpelier, we get a bit spoiled because they sell it at the farmer's market straight out of the keg (as fresh as it gets) but it's available in four packs around the area and in some restaurants like Positive Pie.

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