Thursday, August 04, 2005


Hey, summer isn't over yet. So, you want another good summer rocking tune? It's "The Falcon" from Robert Schneider's latest project Ulysses.

Schneider gained fame in the 90's as being the pop-genius behind Apples in Stereo and being one of the founding members of the Elephant 6 music collective.

Ulysses has a similar sound to The Apples in Stereo - rocking pop with losts of fuzz and sounds layered in behind the hooks. Great summertime music.

Ulysses - The Falcon


Anonymous said...

hey superstar, love love love the new blog. Signed up for the audioscrobbler group, thanks for the tip. You might wanna set up Blogger to archive every week or so, so that all the images don't load every time someone comes to the page, some of them are BIg and you know how VT is all about the dial-up. -jess

Flatlander said...

I tried to change the settings so it would show the last 15 days only but after saving the changes, nothing happened. The blog still shows every post. What else do I need to do to get blogger to only show the last 15 days of posts? Thanks for the suggestion and feedback.

Flatlander said...

Nevermind. I'm an idiot. I forgot to republish the blog. All is well now. Thanks again.

jessamyn said...

wicked cool!