Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gold Cup: Behind the Scene

This link is a bit dated since the US won the Gold Cup over two weeks ago but it's still an entertaining clip to see. It shows Bruce Arena and the players talking in the locker room during halftime and after the US-Honduras semifinal that the US won in dramatic fashion coming from behind with a last-second goal.

My favorite part is Beasley laughing about Gooch getting his picture taken with a pair of beautiful women for winning the Man of the Match. I also like Arena's little yelp in the locker room when Gooch scored the goal. For such an imposing figure in coaching, he has such a shrill voice.

Follow the link here and then choose "21 July - Honduras Post-Game"


Jim said...

The link ain't workin'.

Flatlander said...

Thanks for letting me know, Jim. I just fixed it.

cj howareya said...

Hah! I always forget to check that site -- those videos are as some might say "AWESOME!" (was that Keller in the post final clip screaming that?)

But that post-Honduras clip is great -- I've never actually heard Arena shout in joy. Yes, he has a high little girly man shriek, but I was glad just to hear him shout. I'm kinda sick of that constipated fist in the air thing he did throughout Korea/Japan.

Beasley ... what a knucklehead. "I had a dude hand me my trophy..."