Thursday, August 04, 2005

David Byrne & Payola

David Byrne has some interesting comments in the July 30th entry in the journal on his blog. Basically, he tells the tale of how he felt immune from the payola scandals of the 70's but then learned about payola that was being paid to promote "Burning Down the House". He wrestled with the issue and found it changed the way he felt about his fans and their musical tastes.

I can understand a musician becoming angry at their label upon learning that payola had been used to promote their album against their wishes. However, I was surprised to read how it changed his feelings towards the fans who liked "Burning Down the House".

Byrne should have just been confident in it being a good song and not question whether fans' enthusiasm for the song was the result of payola or musical greatness.

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for the link.


Jim said...

Now that's just plain silly if you ask me. It's not the fans' fault that the label is dishing out money under the table to get the song played. Besides, it's a f*cking good song!

Flatlander said...


Nico said...

Dear David Byrne. That's an awesome song, even when Tom Jones & The Cardigans did it.

Your fan in Florida