Thursday, August 04, 2005

Magnolia Electric Co. Coming to Higher Ground - Monday 8/8

Next Monday, Magnolia Electric Co. will be playing at Higher Ground. Magnolia Electric Co. is the latest band from Jason Molina hailing from the Lake Erie shores of Ohio. He retired his previous folky band Songs: Ohia a few years ago to start up this more electrified alt-country band.

They'll be out supporting their fine new album, What Comes After the Blues, which came out earlier this year and was one of my favorites during the first half of the year. I have no idea how they sound in concert but I'll be there (assuming no unforeseen problems).

Here are a pair of songs off of What Comes After the Blues. However, I think the version of "The Dark Don't Hide It" is off their live album Trials & Errors.

Magnolia Electric Co. - The Dark Don't Hide It
Magnolia Electric Co. - Leave the City

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