Monday, August 22, 2005

More Show Congestion

Why don't bands consult with me before booking shows to find out what is most convenient for my schedule? Damn, the second week in September is a friggin' blizzard of shows.

On Wednesday, Sept 7th, Apollo Sunshine is playing at Higher Ground in Burlington.

The next night, The National & Clap Your Hands are playing down at the Iron Horse in Northampton.

Then, on Friday night, Sufjan Stevens is playing at Cabaret La Tulipe in Montreal.

And finally, on Monday, Sept 12th, Nouvelle Vague is playing down in Boston at The Paradise.

Four good shows in six days. If I was a man half my age (and without any responsibilities to a job and family), I'd hit all four. But I do have a job to attend to and a family so I have to make some tough choices.

After thinking about it, I got tickets for just the National/CYHSY show and Sufjan Stevens. I like the few songs I have heard from Apollo Sunshine but they are the band I'm least familiar with so I ruled out that show first. Then I saw a video on Nouvelle Vague's website (follow the link and then click on "Video (5min)" that slightly turned me off to their live shows. It seems like, in concert, they do minimalist versions of their already stripped down covers of 80's new wave tunes. That's too much minimalism for a six-hour roundtrip drive. So, despite their album being my favorite CD so far this year, I decided against that show as well.

While I'll miss out on two good shows, I'm still happy to be hitting the other two. The Iron Horse is a nice small venue and to get two good bands on one bill is a treat. And I've never seen Sufjan Stevens but am loving his new album, Illinois. I've never been to Cabaret La Tulipe but seeing shows in Montreal is kind of fun. It's like going to another country. HA!


Nico said...

My wife works nights, so unless it's an off day for her, I have to rule ALL shows out. I've only been to 5-6 shows in a year of being here because so little worthwhile comes to town. There's a few coming up I want to see, but they're all on nights the wife is working. :(

Flatlander said...

Oh, that sucks. I guess I ought to quit my bitching about only getting to see two good shows.