Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Lovekevins

Another day. Another post about a Swedish pop band.

This duo formed in the spring of 2003 when one of the guy's dog (named Kevin, hence the band name) ran off.

So, what do you do to heal the emotional wounds of a missing dog?

That's right. You write snappy pop tunes.

Their debut EP, Blame the English, came out in January of this year and hopefully, they'll have a full album at some point. Regardless, three of the EP's four tracks are available gratis on their website. Each track is a sweet pop tune with enough twists and changes to keep you interested long after the sugar has been chewed off. All three of them are worth downloading.

Plus, with a title like, Blame the English, you know their hearts are in the right place.

The Lovekevins - Blame the English
The Lovekevins - Stop Being Perfect
The Lovekevins - Happy Happy


Bill Simmon said...

Wow, that's good stuff. Thanks for the tip. The guy on the right looks a lot like a brunette version of Burlington singer/songwriter and ex Pants front man Tom Lawson.

Flatlander said...

What did The Pants sound like?

I tried to use Google to find a picture of Tom but I only found his artwork (which looks really nice).

Thanks for the info.

Bill Simmon said...

The Pants were the best band in BTV in the 1990s. Lawson (who still plays out with Construction Joe singer/songwriter David Kamm) and badmates Pistol Stamen, Neil Cleary (on Conan O'Brien yesterday) and Eric Hutchins played indie pop/rawk led by Tom's nasal belting vocals. They also did a very pretty acoustic set. Their albums can still be found in record stores sometimes.

The 1990s was a very special time in BTV. The Pants, Construction Joe, Invisible Jet, Wide Wale... great stuff. Nowadays we're lucky if we can eke out the occasional Swale performance. Thank god James Kochalka still plays out.

Flatlander said...


Thanks for the info. I guess I missed a nice music scene by moving here in 2000.

I'll try to track down a Pants album at Buch Spieler or Pure Pop.