Sunday, August 21, 2005

My New Rock'n'Roll Hero

Check out this video someone made during Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's concert at South Street Seaport. The guy dancing is great. He obviously is loving the music and doesn't care a single iota what anyone thinks of him. He's just there to enjoy himself and the music.

A few blogs have made belittling comments about the guy's dance moves and business casual dress attire but that's silly hipster bullshit. The guy is just being a fan. I'd rather hang out with him than the stiff hipster in the blue ironic t-shirt and bike messenger saddle bag four people to the right of the dancer.


Bob F. said...

Right on. Why knock someone who is feeling the music enough to be physically moved by it? His dancing's no worse than what you'd see at most weddings!

Anonymous said...

what's interesting is that he's the ONLY one who seems to be enjoying himself. was he a plant by the videographer or what? anyway, clap your hands say yeah for someone willing to look silly in public (other than gwb, that is).