Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's Over

Well, it was a good run but, in the end, the Newport Gulls are worthy champions of the NECBL. They beat Vermont 6-2 tonight to sweep the series.

The Gulls had the second best regular season record and won convincingly during the post-season. So, bully for them. They are deserving champs.

During the game, the father of Newport's starting pitcher sat behind us and it was interesting to talk to him about his son's experience. He said his son loves playing in the NECBL and would return to Newport next year even if he got an invitation from a team in the prestigious Cape Cod League.

The reason for his son's happiness lied in the fun that he has with his teammates. In contrast, the scrutiny that the players in Cape Cod play under prevents a lot of the players from enjoying themselves. The player's father feels that scouts will find talented kids regardless of where they are playing so there isn't a need to play in Cape Cod. His son can play in the NECBL, have a fun summer, play highly competitive baseball and still get recognized by scouts for major league teams. It sounds like a good deal to me.

As for being a fan, I enjoy these games a lot. The games are more than about baseball. There is a sense of community surrounding the games that is particularly appealing. It's been a fun summer of games and I'll look forward to the next season.

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