Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sandra Bullock's Hot Sticky Buns

Guess who served me breakfast this morning? That's right! Miss Congeniality!

Sandra Bullock's sister, Gesine, recently moved to and opened a bakery in Montpelier called Gesine Confectionery. It's on the way back from my kids' daycare center so I decided to stop in and check it out this morning.

I knew that the place belonged to Bullock's sister but I didn't know the big kahuna would be there herself. So, when I walked in and saw her behind the counter, I thought it was Gesine, not Sandra. My first thought was, "Hey, Gesine looks a lot like her sister." Well, it turns out that I'm just a dumbass and it was actually the star of tour de force "Speed 2: Runaway Cruise Ship".

I have to give Sandra credit though. Not only did she know how to run the cash register and credit card transmitter, she was training others how to use it too. Trust me, if I was getting $10M a film, I wouldn't be caught within 100 ft. of the wrong side of a cash register. Plus, she had to listen to snarky comments from twits like me saying, "Can I have your hot sticky buns?"

The other amusing that happened while I was there occured when a star-struck lady wiped out an entire shelf of olive oil bottles with her gigantic handbag. As the staff scurried to clean the mess, the embarassed lady blushed deeply and claimed out loud, "Oh my God! This is like a scene out of one of her movies!" Then when the lady got up to the counter to order, she loudly proclaimed, "It's me! The disaster queen!" There is something highly amusing about watching people freak out in front of celebrities. It's a car wreck in slo-mo.

Ultimately, I got a sticky bun and a slice of coffee cake. Plus, they were giving away samples of their specialty.....macaroons. The bun and cake were OK; nothing great and not as good as the baked items at the other bakery in town, La Brioche. However, the macaroons RAWKED! They come in maple, mocha and lemon. I tried the lemon macaroons and I'd definitely go back for more. You can buy them through the website but the pricing there seems a bit steep (27 macaroons for $24). Hopefully, they'll be cheaper in the store.