Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Handydandy

Alright. I'm not sure what to say about these guys. Here's the idea: The Handydandy is a band in Austria that plays cell phones that are cellularly connected to laptops. And to add a little spice to an already spicey dish, they attach the cell phones to cardboard cutouts of actual instruments to simulate a traditional band (including the grand finale "smashing of the cardboard").

I'd put them in the category of: "Hey, that's interesting but I still need a fucking melody".

Seriously, I could see an Elephant 6 band picking up on the idea and adding one band member playing a cell phone as atmospheric background but it doesn't really work as an entire band of "cell phoneists". But it is interesting.

Video - The Handydandy (follow the link and click on "the handydandy - concerts/performances 2005" towards the top of the page)

Thanks to Music Thing for the tip.

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